Mischief Entertainment L.L.C. Presents

Numbers of Redemption is Geoff's first novel of a trilogy; the second one is being written. What started out to be written strictly for the silver-screen exploded with the enthusiasm and generosity provided by Mike Peterka.

Mike was Geoff's producer and mentor up until the time of his passing in March of 2014. One of Mike's employees met Geoff on the set of the series finale of Unnecessary Roughness and later introduced Mike to Geoff. Mike and Geoff immediately began brainstorming about seven of Geoff's concepts for major motion pictures, the Numbers of Redemption trilogy included.

After writing much of the screenplay; the creative writing team for Mike's company recommended that Geoff revisit his previous notion, turning Numbers of Redemption into a novel.

Geoff wrote short stories as a youth but realized that writing a novel is much harder.

After talking to Mike and hearing his enthusiasm, Geoff realized the importance of writing Numbers of Redemption as a trilogy. Mike's excitement heightened when Geoff mentioned the added bonus of wanting to turn Numbers of Redemption into a video-game with online capabilities.

Eight months after Geoff joined Mike's company as a creative writer, Mike passed away. Mike's closest friends were distraught after his death; the company was weakened by the loss of their leader and brother.

Geoff did not feel that he could just stop writing and that if he did, the fire Mike ignited might die. After already writing over 250 pages of Numbers of Redemption, the determination that Mike had instilled in Geoff during their long talks about what it takes to find your own happiness grew stronger. Mike was the match that lit the fuse to a box full of black powder sitting dormant in Geoff's heart. That fuse might never have ignited without the faith of someone who was a complete stranger to Geoff before exchanging ideas.

Mischief Entertainment L.L.C. is and always will be dedicated to Mike Peterka. The company will always fuel original ideas that possess heart and produce them for the world to use as a powerful tool to tap into emotion and life's lessons.

Mischief Entertainment is blessed with a qualified team of people that have joined Geoff and are still inspired by Mike's perseverance and vision. Mike Peterka, you will never be forgotten.