Mischief Entertainment L.L.C. Presents

Cover Artist and Graphics Designer -

John Christopher Mimbs

John, Geoff's high school friend, spent eighteen grueling hours with Geoff creating the front cover of Numbers of Redemption and the company logo. He spent another eight hours editing them on his own after that. John's ability to work non-stop while remaining patient is admirable, as well as his determination to help Geoff with anything within his capabilities. He did this free of charge and Mischief Entertainment's entire team is grateful for his outstanding work. John received a degree in graphics designing from Ga Tech. We thank John for creating such a wonderful cover for Numbers of Redemption, the company logo and for committing to help us create a team to turn Numbers of Redemption into a video game with online capabilities.

Editor -

Dennis De Rose

A retired corrections counselor for NY State, created Moneysaver Editing approximately 5 years ago. He has edited mostly fiction for 27 writers, totaling 38 books.

Dennis has rapidly become an essential member of Geoff's team, providing his guidance and wisdom to Geoff on an almost daily basis. Dennis' profound knowledge and resources for marketing novels is sure to be very beneficial as he has graciously given Geoff his word to walk him through every aspect of this prMr. De Rose sends out marketing information to over 600 writers and publishing others. If you would like to receive his FREE Moneysaver Marketing Minutia Museletter, just drop him an email, please include your name and your profession. See what his his writers have to say about him on Authorsden  and check out Dennis' Linkedin, or visit his company Linkedin page by clicking on his photo.

"Geoff has written his first book. I can see that he is on fire and determined to make his book the best it can be. There may be a movie in there somewhere.

He is tenacious. He knows he has a lot of work to do and he's ready to tackle the job. In just a few days, we have become a team, a writer and an editor, both ready to make his book the best it can be.

He takes suggestions and criticism the right way, positively. He has already taken some positive steps toward improving his book and his writing skills. I feel honored to have made his acquaintance."

Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing  -  (Quote was made before Dennis knew of Geoff's plans to venture immediately into Film after Numbers of Redemption's publication)

Author -

Geoff Krstovic

Geoff is 29 years old, lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the father of two beautiful little girls as well as a husband to his college sweetheart, Christina Krstovic. He grew up in several states along the east coast, allowing him to get a strong grasp of the variety of cultures that America has to offer. He strives to bring strong emotion and authenticity to the hearts and minds of those seeking meaningful entertainment. He started writing poetry and short stories at the age of eight. Intrigued by how literature and film effected people, he felt compelled to become one of the artists controlling the other side of the screen. His dream of writing novels to turn into films is rapidly becoming a reality.
With a background consisting of an education in English and a career in advertising, marketing and consulting, he knows what people come to expect and how to exceed those expectations. Geoff's team has worked with him countless hours and without pay to make the Numbers of Redemption trilogy available to entertain the masses. His perseverance has been the main inspiration to the members of his team, as they have witnessed the product of the thousand plus hours he has devoted to creating the first volume of this trilogy, and he is already well into the second. This is just the beginning for Geoff as his team is determined to propel Mischief Entertainment L.L.C. into turning the Numbers of Redemption trilogy of novels into a trilogy of films, with the video game soon to come after their release.