Co-Screenwriter -

Darrell Grant

Darrel is the writer, director and producer of the web series Colors Atlanta. He received his education by majoring in Theater Performance at Stephen F. Austin State University. Geoff's wife, Christina, is one of the actresses on Darrel's show. Shortly after Christina introduced Darrel to Geoff, they realized that they share many of the same beliefs about the lack of substance in today's entertainment industry. Darrel will play a large roll on Geoff's creative writing team with future projects, as well assisting Geoff as he tweaks the the Numbers of Redemption screenplay, written by Nicole Kovacs. Darrell also plans to educate Geoff about the elements of writing a screenplay as they work together to figure out camera angles and scene locations for the script.  Click on his picture to visit Colors Atlanta's facebook page.

Head of Film Production - 

Tom Lowell

Tom graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Illinois University, in 1992, after serving four years in the Armed Forces. He met Geoff through the mutual friendship of their dear late friend, Mike Peterka. Mike asked Geoff to be a part of his production company, but in March of this year Mike passed away, as did any hopes of success for his company. Tom and Mike were life-long friends; through the sadness of Mike's death, a commitment was made by Tom and Geoff to create something extraordinary: a production company that creates novels and films with the kind of heart that doesn't need the shock and awe of 3D, despite having it. The company has been dedicated to Mike. Mike lit the fuse to Geoff's dynamite, this explosion created the novel and the start of something much larger, thanks to Mike. Tom is highly experienced in the film industry and has been a part of it for over twenty years. He has agreed, with great determination, to do everything he can to turn Numbers of Redemption into a major motion picture using his resources and vast experience in the industry.

Tom is a highly successful Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Performer and Actor (some of his most recent work can be seen in Superman: The Man Of Steel as well as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) and he is currently the Stunt Coordinator for the NBC hit series, Chicago P.D.

The following links are to his IMDB page,  which highlights his 128 accomplishments in the industry since 1993, and to his Webpage.

"In this life, it is easy to be average. Greatness requires undaunted courage, hope and resolve."

Mike Peterka, 1965-2014

Friend and inspiration to everyone he met and Former Producer.

Mischief Entertainment L.L.C. Presents

Director of Marketing and Event Planner -

Ashley Spencer

Ashley is currently the host of the radio game show, "Is It Real Or Is Or Ridiculous" with Carl Amari, airing on the Hollywood 360 channel 560AM, in Chicago. In addition to raising two beautiful girls, Ashley is almost done receiving a double major in Motion Pictures and Television with aspirations of becoming a director and producer for Mischief Entertainment. Ashley was Mike Peterka's personal assistant and protege, and for a good reason. Her work ethic is hard to match and she has vowed to promote Numbers of Redemption at the entertainment trade-shows she attends to help gain support for our kickstarter. Ashley's dedication to use her connections to get Numbers of Redemption the exposure she believes it deserves, comes from a pure place in her heart as she is receiving no pay to do so. She will also help with planning the Comic Cons as well as many other similar events.

Head of Screenwriting -

Nicole Kovacs

Nicole met Geoff while she was filming the award winning film Friends Like Mine, winner of the Best In Show award at the Atlanta, Georgia, Wizard World Comic Con in 2014. Her positive energy and outlook will prove to be very valuable as one of the creative writers on Geoff's team. Nicole has created a number of projects from short films to commercials. She will be assisting Geoff with Numbers of Redemption by creating the screenplay in order for Tom to start the process of turning Numbers of Redemption into a major motion picture.

Visit her onLinkedinor click on her picture to visit her site.

"Building a solid group of people who can understand and support your vision is essential to being successful. Especially when the challenges ahead defeat most of the people who dare to dream near impossible feats. If you surround yourself with negative people, you might as well be alone in a dark room. They will have an impact on your work whether you see it or not. Forming the right relationships will inspire you, and they have a tendency to remind you what you are capable of. We limit ourselves to what we believe we can do, and this life is not a road that we go down alone."

-Geoff Krstovic

Author of Numbers of Redemption

Founder and C.E.O. of Mischief Entertainment L.L.C.