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       Numbers of Redemption is the dark-rooted tale of Nikolai Vlitchkov, a rebellious prodigy of the Devil who discovers how to detach demons from Hell-bound souls and give them safe passage to Heaven. His complicated lonely life revolves around struggling with his instinctual horrid impulses while redeeming those he believes deserve to escape the grips of Hell in spite of the Devil and God. Desperately feeling the urge to live remnants of a normal life, Nikolai acts as the owner of a bookshop in downtown Atlanta. Flying under the radar becomes more difficult for Nikolai as actions from his past lives come back to haunt him with the arrival of a sinister young girl.

       A story of heinous trials, tribulations, sacrifice and self-discovery, Numbers of Redemption represents man's excruciating plight to find his place in a wicked world, while righteously trying to make it his own.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Numbers of Redemption (C) 2014 by Peter Geoffrey Krstovic. All rights reserved.